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snehal-splendid-traveler-bloggerWho is a Splendid Traveler? A personal blog, travel diary. In my view, a traveler is that person whose journey is to find the unknown diversities of life are still incomplete, and who would like to embark on new missions every time given a chance

I am Snehal. Through Splendid Traveler blog, I would like to share some experiences of my Life, traveling stories, movie & book reviews, and the best foodie places around me as I am a foodie.

I am a traveler, and I love to explore new things. Additionally, I like to taste various types foods from different places as we all know  “India is the Land of Diversity.” Through, the idea is here to connect knowledge searching people. Through my blogs and articles, I want to infuse the mind of the reader with some positive thinking, backed by humor, interesting facts, and intellectual thought provoke. On Splendid Traveler, you’ll get all know all know-how’s, tips and tricks and life experiences that will help you sail safely in the daily atrocities.

I am an SEO expert by profession. Based in Pune, Maharashtra. I love outdoor activities. As I am now living in Pune; It is a “Cultural Capital of Maharashtra.” Here they celebrate “Ganpati Festival” in an Unusual way. A lot of Youths have groups, and they play Dhol for Ganpati Aagman and Visarjan. I participated in a well-known group from Pune and played Dhole for two years. It was a marvelous experience for me. Other than this I am a die-hard basketball fan, would love to play in a spare time. I love to walk, run, click nature photos and I am constantly trying to improve my lifestyle by creating goals for myself. I love to work on my goal, I feel satisfied that I am doing something. I hate routine.

Splendid Traveler is my dream. I always wanted to write – when you write about something like places you revisit the place for me that experience is amazing. I want to do it again and again.

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May The Force Be with You!!!