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Welcome to The Splendid Traveler Blog!

Who is a Splendid Traveler? A personal blog, a travel diary. In my view, a traveler is that person whose journey is to find the unknown diversities of life.

My name is Snehal Sonawane. I’m a Splendid Traveler, I make instant plans and follow that. I would like to share my travel experiences around the world and the best foodie places which I personally liked as I am a foodie. Also, I would like to share book reviews and movie reviews in the future.

From weekend gateways like trekkings to solo travel journeys to abroad trips, I’m really proud of it and I would love to share my story with you all. I am an outdoor person, and I love to explore new places, especially cultures, I am still learning to explore various cultures. I love to try various sports and I’m dreaming to do that as I travel. Moreover, I started this journey with trekkings, hiking on weekends (I am a native of the State of Maharashtra is well known for many trekking places, amazingly beautiful forts, and Sahyadri ranges.) while working in corporate 9 to 5 job.

I am a Digital Marketing expert by profession. I always wanted to write – when you write about your experiences you revisit the place and relive the moment. In the beginning, for 3-5 years, I worked in the corporate sector and traveled on weekends and as my passion grew, fortunately, I got a job offer where I could work from anywhere. Now for more than 4 years, I am a digital nomad and following my passion. Also, for some reason, I’m traveling slowly but still, I’m happy because I can plan anytime and travel anytime splendidly. Till now, I visited Places in India like Pondicherry, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Delhi, Goa. Out of India, I visited recently Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

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May The Force Be with You!!!