Rajgad –The Maratha Fort Best for Night Trek and Overnight Stay

rajgad trek splendid traveler

Importance of Rajgad fort “Treasure of Maharashtra”, and the longest serving capital during the reign of King Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the fort has a great history including lots of historic events. Shivaji’s son Rajaram was born on this very fort, and the same palace also witnessed the death of Shivaji’s queen Saibai. Also, after one of the greatest escapes that can be termed as a Sherlock Holmes mystery for the Mughals, King Shivaji after his escape from Agra returned to Rajgad that was a Maratha safe house during the period. A Trekkers Paradise At the moment, the fort still holds intact the remains of caves, palaces, and water reservoirs that was designed during the mid-1600s.The main entrance door to the fort is known as the Mahadarwaja, where according to historians, the Maratha army had buried the head of Afzal Khan after being stabbed by Shivaji Maharaj. When I visited the…

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