Tarkarli Beach – The Perfect Weekend Getaway


Are you exhausted? Bored of seating and working? I felt the same, consequently decided to go nearby places from Pune, why not beach? what say, and I needed a serene beach, clean water, soothing sand where I went earlier which was my favorite beach of all time YES which is located in Konkan – Tarkarali beach where I wanted to go with my people.

The Tarkarli beach located in Tarkarli Village in Malvan Taluka, Sindhudurg District. We went by Bus at night from Pune to Kankavli which was also a thrilling road trip if you wake up at 3 o’clock in the morning you will see dazzling mist which will give you the feeling of vacation plus relief. Mist including zigzag turns moving towards Konkan is also a wondrous adventure. We reached to the Kankavli at 5 o’clock from Kankavali we have to go to the Malavan and then the village Tarkarli where the beach is situated. Road trip is must here because throughout you will see the lush, red sand and houses constructed by the red broad brick which looks stunning if you notice it looks like brick but it’s a stone which you will see only in Konkan. The houses, roads, compounds and all habitually built by this stone know as ‘Chira Stone’.

When we reached to the Malvan it was almost 8 o’clock in the morning yeah we missed sunrise but the journey was splendid. From Malvan to Tarkarli is 6km, there are small buses available to go, the narrow path is marvelous. The atmosphere is so pure and clean. When we arrived at the beach it was almost noon so went to get fresh, had delicious homemade seafood. At evening, we went to the beach, the first look was itself pretty eye-pleasing. I must agree, the beach became more popular now as compared to my last visit but still it is peaceful than other busy beach shacks and do not expect drinks here, you have to carry by yourself. After dinner we again visited the lovely beach to observe the heavenly starry night, the waves hit your eardrums, seating under the sky near the beach was the most startling part of my holiday, . . Next day at dawn, we clicked the scenic place and also played beach football, was highly gratified.

Tarkarli beach gives you the glimpse of Sindhudurg Fort which is an outstanding picturesque view. The beach is also well known for water sports mostly snorkeling you must try here to see the fishes and corals. Tarkarli is India’s first integrated, biggest scuba diving center.

Sindhudurg Fort Malvan

Tantalizing Tarkarli offers several staying options with negotiable prices. Homestay facility available beside the beach where the beach is only of 5 minutes far or less. Homestay option is best because the homemade Malvani food is truly delightful where they offer thali of Prawns, Fish, crabs which included all varieties. Must try solkadhi which is the local drink of Konkan, best to have after dinner or lunch. Good for digestion and make your stomach cool. We stayed at “Maratha Niwas” which offers peaceful surrounding, neat rooms plus the outdoor space has those swings, I liked it so much where we were seating all time chatting and having holiday fun.

I would like to visit Tarkarli as many times it possible. All thanks to my buddies for all time there with me and creating it most significant Kushal, Charan and Sachin.

“When your imagination starts converting to the true events you start getting the meaning and the importance…”


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