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North India Travelling Tips: Things to Do, Not Do and Must Haves when Travelling to Delhi

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To Northern India is something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. The people, the culture, the food – there is just so much to see and do in these places. If you so happen to be traveling to Delhi or planning towards it, here are some things you should keep in mind.

When to Visit Delhi

The ideal times to travel are the months of February and March. If your vacation doesn’t fall within these months, you can plan towards catching the beautiful weather of October and November instead.


 Image by Suanlian Tangpua from Pixabay

No matter what you do, never travel during the winters and summers in this part. You would either be treated to so much fog or the unbearable heat, depending on which of the seasons you happen to fall into.


 Image by harmeet9000 from Pixabay

Likewise, the rains in Delhi should be given consideration. They might not be predictable, but they tend to happen around July and August the most.


 Image by B Wellensiek from Pixabay

Things to Do

When you find yourself in Delhi, don’t leave without experiencing all of these:

  • The Festivals – The great thing about the ideal times to travel to Delhi is that the main festivals also happen around this time. Holi is held by February or March while Diwali is usually hosted around October or November. Get in on all the festivities and enjoy the culture better.


Image by shekharchopra85 from Pixabay
  • The Food – Don’t mind anyone who tells you otherwise: the food in Delhi is simply the best you can get anywhere. You can find a slew of restaurants selling the local dishes from all over India, as well as international picks from other parts of the world. Don’t forget to try as much of the local food as you can before leaving.


 Image by Shaurya Singh from Pixabay
  • The Metro – We can tell you right now that the metro system is the best way to get around Delhi. It beats the cab system in the form of standardized costs and as well, safety. Given that the metro system is connected to all the parts of Delhi you might want to get to, you’re well covered. Should you need cab services, consider using Ola Cabs – an Uber for Indians, sort of.


 Image by NjoyHarmony from Pixabay
  • The Nightlife – It might not be what you are used to (given that most bars don’t have a permit to stay open beyond 12:30 am), but you will enjoy it nonetheless.


  Image by StockSnap from Pixabay
  • Bargain – Seriously, this is one thing you should do when you are in Delhi. Get the price of an item from the seller and slash it by half. From that half price, haggle and continue haggling till you reach a comfortable middle point.

Things to Not Do

Of course, there are some things you don’t want to do too:

  • Drink any water – Stick to bottled water when you are in the city. The only time you shouldn’t take bottled water is if you are guests to host who have their own reverse osmosis water purification system. Otherwise, always have a bottle handy.
  • PDA – Some areas are more conservative than others, but you will want to stay off any public displays of affection. Know that what might pass off as normal in your side of the world could be frowned upon here.
  • Dress freely – It is advisable to try blending in with the locals, wearing what you see on them too. Wearing short dresses/ shorts (especially for women) in areas such as Old Delhi could attract unnecessary attention.

Things to Have

Besides your travel documents, essential accessories and other travel bag-bound items?

  • A VPN – Some services (such as Netflix, sports content, e-banking platforms, etc.) and websites may become inaccessible when you are in India. That is due to the geo-blocking around such content. So that you don’t stay disconnected throughout the duration of your stay, a VPN will come in handy. These pieces of software will also help keep your data safe and secure when browsing the internet or connected to unencrypted networks. Thus, it is in your best interests to consider using a VPN with a server in India during your stay in Delhi.
  • Bug spray – Mosquito (and other bugs) bites are common in this region. Although it might only cause you irritation, you also run the risk of severe conditions like malaria. Carrying a simple bug spray with you can save you a lot of that trouble.