10 Essential Tips for Monsoon Travel to Wayanad

10 essential tips for monsoon travel to Wayanad, Kerala.

There are many tourist attractions that receive a mammoth amount of rainfall all around the year. However, their charm and beauty increases with every rainfall and tourists keep on visiting the place in every season. Wayanad is a beautiful hill station in Kerala that receives a huge amount of rainfall and is loved by tourists all over the world. The place is blessed with heavenly beauty and marvelous natural splendor. This is why the tourists can find some of the most exquisite honeymoon and family resorts in Wayanad.

If you are also planning a vacation there, and the vacation falls in the monsoons, then read the following post. It has some really beneficial tips to make monsoon traveling easier and better for you.
So, here we go!

#1 – Packing Tips:

Packing should be done carefully. From choosing the right luggage bag to the clothes and from essentials to travel gear – you have to do everything keeping the rains in mind. You should always carry a good quality plastic bag to cover everything you have in your bag. This will make sure that your stuff remains dry even if some water seeps into your bag. You should always take care to carry light luggage; especially, if you are traveling during the monsoon season.

#2 – Clothes:

If you are travelling for a honeymoon, then you just cannot minimize the number of dresses in the luggage. All the couples want to put their best-dressed version forward in their first outing as a couple. So, they tend to make their baggage heavier, which in turn, not only spoils the fun but also makes transit tough. Further, make sure to carry light clothes that can be folded into a small size. If you want to pack some nice dinner dresses, then rethink; monsoons can really limit your candlelight dinner opportunities in the open spaces. Always pack the clothes that can be easily dried even after getting soaked in rains.

#3 – Covers for your gadgets:

Suppose you are enjoying trekking or hiking in Wayanad and suddenly rain starts falling. Now, you have to provide a waterproof cover for your gadgets. If you are using the gadgets for showing the way or some other things; then you have to either stop or house the gadget into some plastic cover.

#4 – Shoes:

If you are planning to relax and unwind with your family in some family resorts in Wayanad, then pay attention to the shoes. You might want to explore the natural beauty all around, and you need good quality tough shoes that come with anti-slip soles for the purpose. The entire family should have these shoes. This is a must-follow tip in case you wish to explore the waterfalls and forests. Meenamuthy Falls attracts hundreds of visitors every day but can be reached only after a trek in the forest. If you are visiting the place in monsoons, you need a reliant pair of shoes that don’t conspire with the slippery tracks.

#5 – Water and Food:

These are those basic necessities that just cannot be avoided or skipped. However, we recommend that you avoid consuming both these things from any shady place during your monsoon vacation. Waterborne diseases are prevalent in the monsoons and you can get various infections from the food items cooked in the infected water. Many microorganisms’ larvae are also found in common water sources that can wreak havoc in your gut and mar the spirit of vacation. You should always carry bottled water and eat at quality food outlets. You should also avoid eating stall food during the monsoons. There are many family resorts in Wayanad that offer top-notch food services with a wide range of dishes and professional commitment to food quality.

#6 – First Aid Kit:

Having a first aid kit is an essential thing. You should carry it with you at all times. This should include general infection medication and insect repellents. The insects like mosquitoes and ants increase in the monsoon season. To keep all the troubles at bay, make sure to carry the necessary aids in your backpack at all times.

#7 – Plan your itinerary with a daily report:

You should always plan an itinerary as per the latest weather forecast. However, the weather can change at almost any second in the monsoons. Hence, before you set out for some adventure in the hills or forests or some other place; make sure you check the report for the diurnal weather.

#8 – Hair Dryer:

Carrying a hair dryer can come really handy in the monsoon travels. You can easily dry your hair with it if you get soaked in the rain. You can also use it to dry any other item such as your bags; clothes and shoes, etc. It comes as a robust emergency ‘sun’. So, don’t skip on this one.

#9 – Games and Books:

Monsoons will give you plenty of time indoors as well. So, take some books and indoor games along with you. They will prove extremely good for the families that are traveling with kids. You can manage the whining kids easily with such things.

#10 – Accommodation:

If you are traveling as a couple, book a honeymoon resort in Wayanad or if you are traveling as a family or as a group of friends, book any Family resorts in Wayanad. The reputed resorts come with lots of entertainment activities and options on the campus. You can indulge in games; TV shows; entertainment provided by the resort and even indulge in some traditional Ayurvedic Kerala Massage or Spa Therapy. Some resorts offer complementary packages for the couples on honeymoon as well.

So, follow these tips and enjoy your vacation trips in monsoon, to the top tourist attractions in Wayanad.

Happy Vacations!!

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