Best Day Outings near Bangalore

Best Day Outings near Bangalore

1. Mango Foris Adventure Camp @ Mango Foris, Ramanagara

Looking for a place where you can spend a day? Then welcome to the beautiful Mango Foris Adventure Camp at Ramanagara, surrounded by the SRS Hills (Remember the hills and the backdrop of Bollywood movie Sholay?). It is just a one-hour drive away from Bengaluru. With its well-equipped tents, mango orchards, and attentive staff, this campsite will surely invite you to quench your trekking thirst at Yogi Betta trek. It is no doubt one of the best day outings near Bengaluru.


2. Sullia Off-Road Trip @ Sullia

Experience a home away from home with nature at Surya or Sullia in southern Karnataka on one of the best day outings near Bengaluru. It is a six-hour drive through the beautiful views of waterfalls, misty mountains, dense forest, and much more. Engage in Patti Ghat drive, off-road tractor ride, and off-road Jeep ride with a hike to Devaragundi Falls. What’s more, you can enjoy festive home food too. Pack your best traditional clothes and enjoy the festivities here. Experience a tradition of excellence.


3. Wild Valley Adventure Retreat @ Kanakpura

Are you searching for an ideal escapade from your city life? Then wild Valley adventure retreat at Kanakapura near Bangalore is the best place for you. Located at 69 Km from Bangalore, it is a picture-perfect Banantimari State Forest area. It is surrounded by greenery and bound by a lake and mountains. This gorgeous property with several adventure activities with a touch of natural ambiance attracts even the corporates as the most relaxing best day outings near Bengaluru. There is also trekking and cave exploration for extreme adventure lovers. Make your one day beautiful to make the next day perfect.


4. Nature Adventure Camp – Kanakapura

Get closer to nature this weekend. Start with Adventure Sporting & Music to enjoy the end of the week with tons of adventure and water activities. Plan one of the best day outings near Bangalore at Nature Adventure Camp Kanakapura, situated near the beautiful Lake of Hosadoddi, just 68 km and one hour fifty minutes driving distance. Camping at Kanakapura will bring you delightful experiences of historical exploration, spotting the wildlife, viewing gorgeous mountains, and spending quality time with family and friends. Discover a different world at Kanakapura.


5. Skandagiri Trek

Skandagiri is a beautiful hill town near Bangalore surrounded by the Nandi hills and lies at 1450 meters. It is at a distance of 61 km and takes one hour, twenty-one minutes from Bengaluru. Skandagiri hills are one of the most famous trekking and sightseeing locations near Bangalore. Skandagiri hills serve as the best escapade and the best day outings near Bengaluru. This unique trek takes one through the dense foliage, lush green jungles, fantastic flora and fauna, and roaring waterfalls, exploration of an ancient Fort on the top, and back to civilization by visiting the temples. The best time to visit Skandagiri hills is between November and March when the weather is pleasant; the atmosphere turns displays of colors.


6. Wild Valley Adventure Retreat @ Kanakpura, Bangalore

Are you searching for an ideal escapade from your city life? Then wild Valley adventure retreat at Kanakapura near Bangalore is the best place for you. It is at a distance of 38 km and one hour drive from Bangalore. This gorgeous property with several adventure activities with a touch of natural ambiance attracts even the corporates as the most relaxing best day outings near Bengaluru. There is also trekking and cave exploration for extreme adventure lovers.


7. Antharagange Day Trek

When you dream of mountains, you would love walking under the clear blue skies while watching vast green meadows and dense forests. Anthargange hills,70 km away from Bangalore at a driving distance of one hour and forty-five minutes, are impressive trekking places near Bangalore, situated 1712 meters from sea level. The adventure enthusiasts love the highly-captivating trekking spot, a beautiful flat plateau area at the top, perfect for camping. Also, the Kashi Vishweshwar temple attracts devotees from all over. This single-day high-octane trek is filled with rock climbing, cave explorations, and other adventure activities. Awaken to a different world in Antharagange, one of the best day outings near Bengaluru.


8. Savanadurga Trek

Savandurga, located 50 km to the west of the city at one hour thirty-five minutes driving distances, offers one of the best day outings near Bangalore. Situated almost 4220 feet above sea level, Savandurga is considered a challenging trek trail in the Deccan plateau due to the presence of a slightly steep and slippery path. Savandurga, the largest monolith of Asia, can be easily overcome by the adventure-lovers. The adventure lovers will only love its challenging trek trail, which is slightly steep and slippery, leading to the two peaks of Karigudda and Billigudda. Feel mesmerized with beautiful panoramic views of the Arkavathy River and the Manchanabele dam.


9. Makalidurga Trek

Makalidurga is situated on Bangalore’s outskirts, almost 60 kilometers away from the city and 10 kilometers from Doddaballapura. This perfect weekend trekking destination is considered one of the untouched natural trekking places near Bangalore. It is a monolithic hill located 4430 feet above sea level. One of the most sought-after one-day trekking destinations, Makalidurga serves as one of the perfect and best day outings near Bangalore. It is an untouched natural beauty with an 8 Km trek to the hilltop, which is quite adventurous due to its rocky terrain and inclined trail. The enchanting views of sunset and surprise, along with an ancient Lord Krishna temple, are added attractions. Rejuvenate your mind nerves with the mixed lush green scenic beauty of Makalidurga. Experience the uncommon for a day at Makalidurga.


10. Kuntibetta Trek

Kunti Betta is the perfect time to take a break from the routine work-life and take the path towards the most-promising nearby trekking destination. Kunti Betta is one of the interesting trekking places near Bangalore that renders an unforgettable experience. It consists of two rocky hills in the Pandavapura of Mandya district, located almost 125 kilometers with three hours of driving distance from Bangalore. One of the best day outings near Bangalore at KuntiBetta trekking is full of picturesque scenic beauty dotted with paddy fields, coconut and sugar cane plantations. It is indeed a feast to the eyes of the trekkers. Say yes to the new adventures.


11. Harihara Trek

Hari Hara betta is one of the most off-the-beaten tracks that offer trekking near Bangalore. Bangalore surprises all with magnificent trekking destinations situated all over in its vicinity. If you are longing for some mind-blowing trekking adventure, choose HariHara, located 210 km from Bengaluru, with a calming four hours of driving through scenic roads and towns. Take this phenomenal trek at HariHara, Chikkaballapura, a double hill where two peaks are joined together, and a beautiful temple called Harihareshwara temple is lying midway to the top. It is the best day outings near Bangalore for its picture-perfect landscapes and lush green hilltop. Visit HariHara for that much-needed solace and plan one of the best day outings near Bangalore.


12. Narayanagiri Trekking one day outings @ Narayanagiri, Ramanagara

The hills of ‘Sholay,’ a Bollywood movie, are calling you. Narayangiri at Ramanagara offers you trekking cum exploration of those hills during one of the best day outings near Bangalore. Located at just 76 km from Bengaluru, it can enchant anyone. On the way to the hilltop, one finds several ponds, caves, and striking natural beauty of the place, along with a temple of Lord Laxmi Narayan. You can also enjoy water activities like swimming and kayaking in a nearby lake and last but not least camping with the bonfire can be a cherry on the cake. Please don’t call it a dream but call it a plan to loosen up at Narayangiri trekking.


13. Kabbaldurga Trekking @ Ramanagara

Put on your trekking shoes and take that fascinating and breath-taking trek to Kabbaldurga hilltop. Located at around 82 km from Bangalore and a driving distance of two hours and seven minutes, Kabbaldurga offers the best trekking experience along with a historical encounter and religious escapade. It is one of the best day outings near Bangalore for all those adventure enthusiasts and daredevil souls who want to experience rough, crude, and rocky pathways trek. A monolith hillock with a ruined fort and a temple of goddess Kabbalamma as a backdrop, be here to witness the fascinating sunset ever.


14. Valley Vibes Resort campings @ Ramanagara

Plan one of your one of the best day outings near Bangalore at Valley Vibes Resort Campings at Ramanagara. The legendary Bollywood movie Sholay was filmed at Ramanagara. Located at around 63 kilometers with a driving distance of one hour and 40 minutes from Bangalore Valley, Vibes Resort is the ideal place to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body with mango orchards picturesque views of the SRS mountains. This resort is situated on five acres of lush green mango plantation with Hosa kere Lake at the entrance. Valley Vibes Resort boasts excellent reviews by location, cleanliness, management, service, and value for money. Stay in premium rooms with luxurious amenities and outdoor activities, acting as a perfect escapade into nature.


15. Bheemeshwari Waterfalls Trekking @ Kargal, Shimoga

The hidden treasure of Karnataka, this less explored Bheemeshwari waterfalls in the western ghats, is a perennial waterfall. It is one of the lowest valleys of Karnataka and sought-after best day outings from Bangalore. It is located around 105 km from Bangalore, driving through the lovely forests and towns. The beautiful Shiva temple, beaches, forts, backwaters, hidden falls, and dense forests attract tourists to explore Bheemeshwari off the beaten track. Experience the beautiful Bheemeshwari falls, a hidden beach walk to Jog falls, a dense forest and Sharavathi Valley, an unexplored Basadi in Honnavara, and some other unexplored waterfalls during this single day of beautiful Bheemeshwari waterfall trekking.


16. Kurinjal Peak and Yelaneeru Falls @ Kuduremukh

Escape to a lesser-known Kurinjal peak in the Kudremukh National Park. It is the most exemplary best day outings from Bangalore to break from fast-paced city life and explore your trekking passion. Located at around 300 km from Bangalore, one can find tranquility at the Yelaneeru falls and Horanadu Annapoorneshwari temple, which will leave you mesmerized. The most challenging trek will reward you with the most beautiful view from the top of the Kurinjal peak.


17. Ettina Bhuja Trek @ Mudigere, Chikmagalur

Ettina Bhuja is part of the famous Charmadi range at Mudigere Chikmagalur in the South of Karnataka at 220 km from Bangalore. You can relish the beauty of this Charmadi range with a series of treks, and one of them is the Ettina Bhuja trek. Enjoy the view of Amedikallu, Jenukallu, Deepadakallu from the peak and enjoy the high rope activities along with zipping, swimming in the river. One can experience dense forests, Shola grasslands, waterfalls, Misty mountains, steep climbs, and some of the mesmerizing views of your lifetime on one of these exciting, best day outings from Bangalore.