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Experience Magnificence in The City Of Palaces – Mysore


Mysore is splendor personified, owing to the fact that it is the City of Palaces. It boasts of a rich royal history being one of the three largest princely states during the infamous British rule. Everything about Mysore speaks grandeur, be it Dasara celebrations or the beguiling architecture. It’s a no-brainer that it attracts throngs of tourists from all over, and so as a self-proclaimed perfectionist, I have put together a list of things to do in Mysore so you can soak in every bit of Mysore. Having said that, please don’t use this as an itinerary because it is far from one.

Witness the flamboyant side of Mysuru

Any Mysore travel guide will tell you to visit Mysore Palace, Mysore’s crown jewel. It is the most famous tourist spot in Mysore and for a good reason. Its impressive façade is just as opulent, if not more, as the gigantic inside which sports expert artisanship and wonderfully intricate upholstery. I personally like to visit in the evening to take in the palace in its well-lit glory, while laying in the grass.

Another beautiful palace is the Lalitha Mahal palace whose St. Paul Cathedral inspired architecture sets it apart from its counterparts.

Experience tranquility

Even if you’re a skeptic, you should pay a visit to the temples in Mysore. You’ll find yourself instantly admiring the architecture of the Somanathpura temple and the ambiance surrounding it. The Chamundeshwari and Trinesvaraswamy temples are two magnificent specimens of the beautiful Dravidian architecture. Speaking of architecture, St. Philomena’s Cathedral has my heart. Its Gothic beauty is a haven for tourists to escape the noise. Another way to revel in peace is to go boating in the peaceful waters of Karanji Lake or to just take a leisurely traipse around.

Take a peaceful stroll through the gardens

I see a garden as a place I can take sanctuary, away from my daily woes. Brindavan Gardens is a place which garners the happiest moments of my Mysore trip. It is humongous, and the 60-acre expanse is divided into four parts; North Brindavan being the most alluring of all. Evening walks on the lightened footpath, coupled with some stargazing, make for a wonderfully romantic date.

If you’re like me and share my love for cute miniature trees, the Bonsai Garden is a must visit. It has over a hundred different varieties of bonsais spanning the four-acre area. Shuku Vana, home to over 2000 species of our winged friends, is an excellent place for some afternoon bird-watching.

Shopping, Museums, And Everything In Between

The Folklore Museum and Rail Museum are the best places to visit to satiate the pedantic in you. Indulging in Mysuru Pak, Vangi Baath, Dosa, etc. is the best way to unwind. I’m guilty of leaving with two bagfuls of shopping from Mysore. Silk sarees from Government Silk Weaving Factory are a steal, and you’d leave with a bigger smile and a lighter pocket. Also, if you can try visiting during the Dasara festival because it is like nothing you’ll ever witness.

So visit the City of Palaces and experience firsthand, why Mysore tourism experiences an upswing on a daily basis.

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