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Manali – Valley of the Gods

Manali Himachal Pradesh India

Himachal Pradesh – the place where the mighty Himalayas meets the lands and it offers you a world different from the rest. Every place is a site worth visiting and Manali is the crown conglomerating the old mountain cultures and traditions with the newer practices. 

A trip to Manali greets you with its pristine clear skies, charming pine woods, the still valleys, and the snake-like winding roads climbing up and down the mountains carrying you to your destinations. If you want to witness snowfall, this is your place.

Hampta & Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Gulaba, Kothi, Manikaran, Kasol, Hidimba Devi Temple, Manu Temple, as well as the Bhrigu Lake are some of the most visited places in & near Manali. 

Different kinds of people take a trip to Manali at least once in their lifetime. 

Those that belong to the bustling cities are exhilarated by their trip to Manali, and then there are those who might feel lost or intimidated amid these towering emerald mountains. Some people travel on stringent timelines, some others travel on a budget and some are not sure what they would love to visit when on their favorite Manali trip.

What would you do if you fall under one of these categories?

Well, the best solution to these problems would be a tour guide, someone who could show you the places in a way no one else can. A local tour guide knows about the place and its history like no other. Sometimes, good guides can tell you a story for every home that stands in these places. It’s amazing how your Manali trip can beautifully transform into a memorable journey with a guide by your side. 


Guides can help you in many other ways like,


  • They can help fix your ticket issues.
  • The guide can arrange accommodations at far cheaper rates for you than you can manage all by yourself.
  • They are well connected and they can sail you through different problems you face in a new land visiting for the first time.
  • Most people often end up visiting sites that don’t suit them, and end up lingering in the wrong places, feeling dumped. A good guide can take you to places according to your tastes and choices.
  • They plan for you, to fulfill your cherished Manali trip, and also help you enjoy in a shoestring budget or when running a tight schedule.
  • All they care about is your gratification and happiness. In the end, that is what matters for you and thus sticking to your guide can be the best decision you can take.

There’s a lot you can do during your Manali trip and people end up choosing differently. 

  • Some people love visiting monasteries, museums, old temples, and villages. 
  • Others go for a trip to Manali to relieve themselves of the daily clamor that wells up from living a life in the dense cities. 
  • The adventurous types take up trekking, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, hot air ballooning, paragliding, and parasailing. 

A guide can only add to enrich all the choices you make for your Manali trip

A guide can tell you more than a book or a website about every place you are enchanted with. So next time, you go for your Manali trip, don’t forget a guide since they are the best way to see around and they are not costly when you know what they can bring you.