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The Most Popular Travel Bloggers From India


I look at beautiful pictures of pristine beaches, picturesque villas, snow-capped mountaintops and charming cobbled streets, envious of those travel bloggers; getting to live vicariously through their photographs, itching to live their lives. Here are some Indian travel bloggers who’ve ignited that germ of travel in my heart.

Savi and Vid (Bruised Passports)

bruised passports

This Indian power couple started their travel journey like any other run-of-the-mill tourist but soon fell irrevocably in love with the idea of full-time travel. I stumbled upon them on Instagram and was mesmerized by the gorgeous pictures and their eclectic style. I headed to their travel blog and found myself smitten with the content. The pictures they click are so full of life and hedonistic, and yet the written content is what brings their posts to life. As a voracious reader and a lover of all things colorful, I can safely say that I’m their biggest fan.

Shivya Nath


Desperate for an interlude from work, I aimlessly surfed the internet in search of some travel inspiration and came across this article about an Indian street kid whose trip to Barcelona changed his life. This article was by Shivya Nath whose ‘The Shooting Star’ is one of the top travel blogs, and for a good reason. Her writing is verbose yet enjoyable and ingenious. The many accolades ‘The Shooting star’ has acquired attest to its being one of the best travel websites gracing the internet.

Lakshmi Sharath


Reading female travel blogs inspires me like nothing else as I see these badass women gallivanting around the globe. Lakshmi’s words ‘I believe that a rolling stone gathers moss’ have resonated with me and I consider her my true inspiration. Her succinct but delightful style of writing drew me into the point of no escape. I share her love for India travel and vagabonding for life.



Sankara’s blog “Be on the road” is a goldmine for Indian travelers planning a hiatus without breaking the bank. He has written comprehensive guides about every imaginable avenue of travel in the most helpful, informative manner possible. I love an easy to navigate blog and ‘Be on the road’ is just that. I am thoroughly impressed by his no-nonsense way of writing and how it still proves to be a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Parnashree Devi


Of all the travel blogs I love, I feel most connected to Devi’s blog. Her writings are like entries from a friend’s diary; personal and touching. She narrates her travels beautifully in a story which is such a palpable experience. For anyone who loves reading, her blog provides a pleasurable read on a lazy Sunday. I find myself backpacking India and swimming in crystal clear waters in the Maldives while still glued to my couch.

So these were my favorite Indian travel bloggers. Their zest and passion for travel are infectious as is evident from their writing and photographs. These brave souls have escaped the clutches of ‘the 9 to 5’ and have thus succeeded in creating the life of their dreams.

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