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Lohagad – Best Family Trekking Spot

Lohagad Fort

Today I am writing my travel diary after 2 months. Not cool I know, but I was all occupied with many things, job, housework and weekend trips. I went to Lohagad in June when Monsoon has just arrived. I went with my other 3 friends on the bike from Pune. It was Sunday we were looking to explore an easy trekking spot nearby Pune. So, we randomly pick Lohagad as I already visited Bhaja Karla caves and trekking to the Lohagad was remaining.

Lohgad Entrance

At 11 o’clock we started our journey towards Malvali. We took old Pune-Mumbai Highway and headed towards Lonavala. Just before arriving Lonavala, there is a direction for Karla Caves. We took a right from this direction-board and headed towards Malavali and then towards the base village of the Lohagad Fort.

The route towards the fort is thrilling and brave. Visitors can also walk all the way to the Lohagad fort. Bhaja Karla Caves is on the way to the fort you can take a small diversion and visit the most beautiful historical site. Hiking all the way to the fort is a remarkable favorite among trekkers and youths, particularly in the monsoon season. One more thing when I visited this trekking spot I realized its favorite among families too. Because it is a simple, beautiful and enjoyable trek. Families with kids can easily hike. This is a very easy trek, and even a beginners should not have any difficulties. At this fort, there are only steps and a lighter amount of trekking is needed.

lohagad linked mountains

This fort and nearby area are ideal for camping, or if you want to cook in nature’s place, Lohagad walkway has many points where family and family friends with their kids spotted having fun, cooking and enjoying the scenic beauty. Besides its far from the city so the surrounding is green and pure.


A history about the fort says that this fort was under the Maratha empire for the majority of the time, besides a short-term period of under the Mughal empire.

How to go –

You can go by bike, car, local transport or train. Nearby station is Malvali and

The Lohagad Fort is located in Lonavala and just a couple of hours from Pune and Mumbai. Hence, many people, school trips, trekkers, a group of friends visit the spot on weekends and is one of the best fortifications to visit during any time of the year.

Must-see Attractions –

  • Big Gates on the fort
  • Grand walls of the Fort which are still undamaged
  • Divine structure of the Fort
  • Bhaja and Karla caves.
  • During the rainy season, the clouds look magnificent from the Fort.
  • You can also visit Temple of Ekvira devi which is located in Malavali.
  • Lohagad faces the Pavana Lake, placed to the south of the hill.
  • The mountain spreads to the NW to a fortified drive, well known as Vinchukata (Scorpion’s tail) as of its resembling appearance.


  • The fort is also linked to Visapur fort which is also an excellent hiking place, you can cover both the forts in one day.
  • You can also notice a distinct species of birds and insects during the visit.

Individual Clicks from the Trip

splendid-traveler-sanjuSanju – Humble and fun-loving. About this guy I felt awful because he did a night shift and still showed interest in visiting the place.

splendid-traveler-milindMilind – Calm and affable. A real photographer and his friendly cooperation stayed the whole trip.


Pankaj – He is the strong, silent type. He was exploring and seems to love the greenery, clouds and the trip with friends.

splendid-traveler-snehalSnehal – Yeah, that’s me. I love exploring.

Thank you guys for making the trip memorable

Some tips:

Be extra careful the road becomes slippery throughout the monsoon and is critical to trek to the Lohagad Fort through this time.


Contribute – Do Not Litter, Keep Environment Clean.

“Be a part of Solution, Not part of the Pollution.”